The Senior Soup Podcast

This is an image of a recording of The Senior Soup Podcast, hosted by Raquel Micit and Ryan Miner.

Welcome to
The Senior Soup Podcast

The Senior Soup Podcast, co-founded and hosted by Raquel Micit and Ryan Miner, is a vibrant media platform blending information and advocacy for Maryland’s seniors and their families.

Launched in September 2022, our podcast goes beyond regular discussions, focusing on empowering the aging community in Maryland with reliable and trusted resources

What Listeners Can Expect

Each episode is crafted to provide not just insights but also practical solutions and resources to help seniors and their families navigate their unique journeys. 

We bring in experts from Maryland’s healthcare and senior service sectors, ensuring that our content is not only relevant but also backed by professional, vetted expertise.

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The Senior Soup Podcast's
Unique Value

The Senior Soup Podcast stands out as a beacon of support and information.

We’re not just a podcast; we’re a community advocate. Our focus is on amplifying senior voices and advocating for their needs.

We’re committed to ensuring that seniors and their families in Maryland and beyond have access to the best resources, advice, and support, helping them lead fulfilling and informed lives.

Topics Covered

Our podcast covers a wide range of topics crucial to Maryland’s older adult community. 

From healthcare tips and legal advice to stories of resilience and triumph in the golden years, we explore subjects that matter most to our listeners. 

We discuss the latest trends in senior care, offer guidance on navigating complex healthcare systems, and provide updates on policies affecting seniors at local, state, and federal levels.

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