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Learn the Benefits of Home Health Care in 2023 | A Complete Guide

The benefits of home health care are seemingly endless! Imagine recovering from a recent surgery or health-related issue within the familiar surroundings of your home – surrounded by the people and things you love. Home health is revolutionizing how older adults and their families approach healthcare, providing them with a personalized, flexible, and empowering alternative...

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What is a Geriatric Care Manager? Everything You Ever Needed To Know!

Have you ever faced a situation when you’ve asked yourself, “What is a geriatric care manager?” In the realm of senior care, few roles are as pivotal yet often misunderstood as that of the geriatric care manager. Geriatric care managers are unsung heroes navigating the intricate maze of elderly care, ensuring our loved ones receive...

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Andrea Bendig is Maryland’s #1 Elder Care Consultant. She Tells You Why!

Andrea Bendig is a Maryland nurse care manager and one of only a handful of elder care consultants in Maryland. Are you having an elder care crisis? Raquel and Ryan welcomed Andrea, owner and founder of Wellness Strategies Group, as their first 2023 guest on episode 11 of The Senior Soup Podcast.  Who is Andrea...

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The Center for Successful Aging at MedStar Montgomery [2023 Guide]

The Center for Successful Aging at MedStar Montgomery in Olney, Maryland, offers a comprehensive approach to geriatric and senior care, helping older adults living in Montgomery County achieve optimal health and happiness. Call The Center for Successful Aging at (301) 570-7400 to learn about the top geriatric doctors in Montgomery County. With a focus on...

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Get Your Affairs In Order With A Maryland Estate Planning Attorney!

In episode five of The Senior Soup Podcast, Stein Sperling Attorney Sarah Broder speaks to Raquel Micit and Ryan Miner about the necessity of Maryland estate planning, trusts, and probate law. Ask yourself this question: If God forbid, you were to die tomorrow, are your affairs in order? You might consider contacting Sarah Broder at...

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Maximizing Patient Care with the Help of Hospital Case Managers

Precisely what do hospital case managers do? In episode four of The Senior Soup Podcast, Margie Hackett, Suburban Hospital’s manager of transition care and population health, breaks down the three primary components of hospital case management and a hospital case manager’s job description.  This episode aims to educate aging adults and their families on what...

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What To Do If Your Elderly Parent Is Being Scammed?

Montgomery County State’s Attorney John McCarthy joined Raquel Micit and Ryan Miner on The Senior Soup Podcast to discuss senior scam prevention and adult children can help protect their elderly parents from scams. Are you the son or daughter of a Montgomery County senior? What would you do if your aging adult parent was scammed?...

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Skilled Nursing in Montgomery County, Md | What Is A Skilled Nursing Facility?

Skilled nursing in Montgomery County, Md., is an essential healthcare function for older adults and adults who require post-acute rehab. Bottom line: Skilled nursing facilities help you return to a normal and active life after a hospitalization. Maryland Vita Healthcare Group’s Regional Director of Admissions, Greg Strite, joins The Senior Soup Podcast. Raquel and Ryan talk...

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Introducing The Senior Soup

The Senior Soup and The Senior Soup Podcast is a media and advocacy platform that collaborates closely with DMV healthcare and senior service professionals.

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