Boonsboro Primary Care at Home!

Do you live in Boonsboro, Maryland?

Are you searching for a new Boonsboro primary care provider? 

Ennoble Care is excited to offer Town of Boonsboro residents with in-home primary care or what you may refer to as “doctor house calls.”


Ennoble Care accepts Medicare & commercial health insurance and specializes in geriatric primary care.


The Only Boonsboro Primary Care Practice That's Completely Mobile!

Ennoble Care primary care providers specialize in geriatric & acute chronic care & medication management, bringing quality medical attention to your doorstep and ensuring that you or your loved one have readymade access to primary care services at home. 

This is a photograph of Maryland primary care doctor visiting their patient at home.

Most health insurance plans cover Ennoble Care’s home-based primary care services, including Medicare Part B, Maryland & D.C. Medicaid, BlueCross Blue Shield PPO, Aetna PPO, Cigna PPO, Humana PPO, & UnitedHealthcare.

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Why Choose Ennoble Care As Your Boonsboro Primary Care Provider?

In Washington County’s evolving healthcare landscape, medical house calls are a beacon of personalized care for older adults and adults with disabilities. 

Boonsboro patients are seen by Stacey Gibson, CRNP, a highly qualified, experienced nurse practitioner for all in-home primary care visits, covered Medicare and commercial health insurance. 


Ennoble Care
Offers A Full Continuum of Primary Care Services in Boonsboro, MD

Home-Based Primary Care

Experience the convenience and comfort of in-home primary care within the comfort and convenience of your Boonsboro home!

Palliative Care

Ennoble Care offers medically complex patients expert symptom management and holistic support to enhance their quality of life.

Behavorial Health Services

Ennoble Care's dedicated behavioral health counseling team is here to support you on your journey to better mental health - in the comfort of your own home

Medication Management

From ensuring timely prescription refills to conducting thorough medication reviews and adjustments, Ennoble Care prioritizes patient safety.

Laboratory Services

As an Ennoble Care patient, you'll experience the convenience of in-home blood draws and home-drawn urinalysis, ensuring minimal disruption to your routine. Ennoble Care offers quick turnaround results.

Mobile Imaging Services

By bringing advanced diagnostic tools to your doorstep, Ennoble Care offers mobile X-rays, EKGs, and more. You can eliminate a hospital or urgent care visit.

Care Coordination

The care coordination team works hand-in-glove with Ennoble Care clinicians to ensure seamless care delivery. Available to patients 24/7, the medical assistants facilitate everything from medication ordering specialist referrals, and so much more!

Telehealth Services

Patients can connect with their healthcare provider virtually within the comfort and convenience of their home.

Remote Patient Monitoring & Devices

Benefit from Ennoble Care's advanced remote patient monitoring technology, at no cost to patients, that monitors vital signs to ensure real-time tracking of your health while enabling prompt interventions when necessary.

Comprehensive Medical Evaluations

Start with an in-depth initial health assessment and an annual wellness check to monitor and maintain your well-being.

Chronic Disease Management

Ennoble Care clinicians specialize in managing & monitoring chronic conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and respiratory ailments like COPD & asthma, and much more.

Preventive Care

Ennoble Care provides vaccinations and immunizations, cancer screenings, bone density evaluations, and more, supporting your journey to long-lasting wellness.

Acute Illness Treatment

Whether it's respiratory or urinary tract infections or various skin conditions, Ennoble Care clinicians provide prompt and effective treatment within the comfort of your home.

Wound Care

Ennoble Care ensures optimal wound recovery with regular dressing changes, vigilant infection monitoring, and, when necessary, referrals to advanced wound care treatments.

Post-Acute Care

Smoothly transition from hospital to home or hospital to a skilled nursing facility with your Ennoble Care PCP, ensuring a seamless continuation of care and avoiding readmission.

Geriatric Care

Focused on the unique needs of older adults, Ennoble Care provides specialized memory care and dementia support by conducting fall risk assessments and in-home safety evaluations.

Why Enroll with Ennoble Care?

Comprehensive Care

There is an opportunity for multidisciplinary house call visits in one setting.

(E.g., nurse practitioners, behavioral health counselors, and referrals to medical specialists, home health providers, etc.)


No more long waits in primary care doctor’s offices!

Ennoble Care’s all-start Washington County-based nurse practitioner, Stacey Gibson, CRNP, provides expert medical care to chronically ill older adults who struggle to see a PCP at a traditional brick-and-mortar doctor’s office. 

Care Coordination

Ennoble Care’s clinical care management team works hand-in-glove with Nurse Practitioner Stacey Gibson by writing and managing prescriptions medications, ordering patient lab work at home, sending referrals to specialists, ordering X-rays, signing home health orders, communicating with pharmacies, and providing patients with community resources –  and much more!

Personalized Care

Ennoble Care’s Boonsboro primary care patients will receive one-on-one focused patient care from their primary care provider, Stacey Gibson, who performs physical examinations, provides patient education, treats chronic illnesses, order home health therapy, interprets lab test results, prescribes and monitors medications, and much more!


Chronically ill, home-bound patients no longer have to suffer long wait times in a doctor’s office waiting room for medical care.

Ennoble Care brings a primary care office to its Boonsboro, Maryland, patient’s homes.

Prompt Interventions

Nurse Practitioner Stacey Gibson can quickly diagnose and treat patient illnesses with medicine and can administer swift medical care to sick patients. 

Stacey develops individually-tailored patient treatment plans – helping to prevent unnecessary emergency room or urgent care visits.

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Frequently Asked Questions about
Ennoble Care's Primary Care Services

Does Ennoble Care Accept Health Insurance?


Ennoble Care accepts Medicare Part B and a healthy list of commercial health insurance plans.

(Click the drop-down menu below to review Ennoble Care’s commercial health insurance acceptance list.)

Co-payments are billed to Ennoble Care patients’ secondary or supplemental health insurance plans

*Currently, Ennoble Care does not accept uninsured patients or private pay.*

  • Aetna PPO

  • Cigna PPO

  • Humana PPO

  • UnitedHealthcare (all Medicare products accepted)

  • CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield (PPO plan)

  • BlueCross BlueShield Federal Employee Plan (PPO plan)

  • Hopkins Medicare Advantage (PPO plan)

  • University of Maryland (PPO plan)

Will I See a Credentialed Healthcare Professional at my Home?


Ennoble Care’s Maryland primary care practice is overseen by Dr. Summit Gupta, MD, FAPWHc, a practicing geriatrician board certified in Internal Medicine and Geriatric Medicine through the American Board of Internal Medicine. 

Boonsboro patients will see Stacey Gibson, a highly qualified nurse practitioner with over twenty years of healthcare experience! 

Will I See The Same PCP During Each Visit?


There is tremendous value in patients building trusting and longstanding relationships with their clinicians.

Ennoble Care endeavors to offer the best in-home medical care possible by providing its patients with the same healthcare provider for each medical house call appointment.

Am I an Appropriate Patient for Home-Based Primary Care?

Ennoble Care clinicians treat older adults and adults with disabilities who have complex or high-risk conditions that limit their ability to see a primary care provider at a doctor’s office. 

Ennoble Care clinicians treat the following category of patients:

  • Frail older adults with multiple (two or more) chronic conditions experiencing difficulty with one or more activities of daily living (ADL).
  • Adults (18-65) with severe disabilities and limited mobility who cannot leave their homes to see a doctor.
  • Frail older adults with multiple (two or more) chronic conditions who do not access office-based primary care because of social detriments or health limitations, such as limited access to transportation or a lack of caregiver support.
  • Homebound or mobility-challenged patients with one or more principal neuromuscular conditions, such as multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or spinal injuries.
  • Patients with high-risk diagnoses like congestive heart failure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
  • Patients with high hospital and emergency department (ED) utilization within the last twelve months.
  • Post-acute transitional care management (TCM) for medically complex patients who could benefit from an extended at-home treatment course (90+ days of home-based primary care).

What If I Already Have A Primary Care Doctor - But I Still Want To Try Ennoble Care?

Once enrolled with Ennoble Care, we encourage you to try us for a few months to determine if home-based primary care services work best for you. 

However, having two primary care doctors quarterback your healthcare or write your prescription medications is not an ideal long-term primary care solution. 

Ennoble Care encourages its new patients (and their families) to build long-lasting personal relationships with their primary care providers, ensuring that their healthcare goals are being met. 

How Often Will I See My Primary Care Provider?

Ennoble Care primary care providers typically visit patients every four to six weeks or as needed. 

Stacey Gibson, CRNP, will conduct a comprehensive head-to-toe physical exam during your first appointment. Next, Stacey  creates an individually tailored care pare than addresses your specific healthcare need. 

An Ennoble Care patient’s personalized care plan determines the frequency at which their primary care provider visits them at home. 

Many chronically ill patients are seen every four-to-six weeks, and some healthier patients are see less frequently. 

Does Ennoble Care Have a Physical Medical Office In Boonsboro?


Stacey Gibson visits her Boonsboro patients at their homes. 

However, Ennoble Care does have a Maryland administrative office that’s located at the following address: 

962 Wayne Ave 
Suite 250
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Do Ennoble Care Clinicians Work For Ennoble Care, or Are They Independent Contractors?

Ennoble Care employs only licensed, credentialed, experienced physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. 

The company directly employs all Ennoble Care clinicians as W-2 employees. 

Ennoble Care encourages prospective and current patients to visit the Maryland Board of Physicians’ website to independently verify any clinician employed with the practice.

Do I have to Sign a Contract When Enrolling?


Ennoble Care does not require patient contracts.

Patients have the option to cancel services at any time. 

Moreover, Ennoble Care does NOT charge concierge or annual enrollment fees.

At this time, Ennoble Care accepts health insurance only and bills health insurance companies directly. 

New patients (or their healthcare proxies) will sign a standard patient consent (consent to treat) form before their first in-home primary care appointment.

Do You Live in Boonsboro?

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Enroll today in Ennoble Care’s home-based primary care program in Boonsboro, Maryland, by contacting Washington County native
Ryan Miner. 

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Meet Stacey Gibson, CRNP, MSN, BSN - Your Boonsboro Primary Care Provider!

This is a photograph of Stacey Gibson, an Ennoble Care nurse practitioner who sees patients for primary care in Washington and Frederick County, Maryland.

Hi, my name is Stacey Gibson!

I am honored to be part of the Ennoble Care team that provides primary care services in Boonsboro and all throughout Washington and Frederick Counties! 

I am a proud Washington County native!

My healthcare career began at over twenty years ago at the old Washington County Hospital. I worked in the cardiovascular stroke unit for two years before transitioning to the hospital’s emergency department, where I dedicated myself until 2020.

I began my nursing journey in 2005 after earning my Associate of Science in Nursing from Hagerstown Community College. I continued my academic path, earning my Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) from The College of Notre Dame of Baltimore County in 2011. 

In 2016, I earned my Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree from The Pennsylvania State University in 2025, specializing as a Family Nurse Practitioner.

I transitioned from registered nurse to nurse practitioner in the Meritus Medical Center emergency room. In 2020, I shifted to acute care emergency trauma surgery, remaining in the Meritus emergency department. 

I am currently pursuing a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree at Drexel University and am expected to graduate in 2024!

My dedication to healthcare is not just professional but a lifelong commitment to improving the lives of Washington County’s residents, supporting them through challenges, and contributing to our community’s health and happiness.

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